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Hotel Conte in Perast

Hotel Conte

The quiet town of Perast is noted for its Baroque stone estates, dating from the Venetian time frame (1420-1797). Inverse Perast, over the water, rises the much-captured twin islets of Our Lady of the Rocks and St George, each topped by a congregation (available by pontoon from the stone quay before Hotel Conte). There are a few washing territories inside the strolling separation of the hotel. Perast lies eight miles (12 km) from Kotor (served by transport), in a shielded situation in Kotor Bay, which is encompassed by tough mountains. The closest air terminals are Tivat (12 miles/19 km) and Dubrovnik (35 miles/56 km).

Style and Character

Conte implies Count in Italian, and this waterside boutique hotel reviews Perast’s affluent past when nearby mariners and shipbuilders added to the Venetian Empire’s famous oceanic force. The structures themselves are Baroque and date from the eighteenth century – unique highlights, including cut stonework, have been held, and some contemporary highlights, for example, little open-air pools, are included. The additional sentiment is included in the waterside area – at nightfall, the sky and encompassing mountains are reflected in the straight, and the ocean turns shocking shades of orange, pink, and indigo.


The staff is inviting, excited, profoundly expert, and brimming with guidance about things to see and do. The hotel offers vessel moves to the close by Our Lady of the Rocks islet, just as outings, including a speed pontoon voyage through Kotor Bay, a day with a neighborhood angler, an inland wine sampling trip, and boating down the Tara Canyon. Conte makes a shocking setting for weddings and can sort out everything from the wedding service to the gathering, convenience, and moves.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant



There are 34 rooms, suites, and lofts, of which six are in Risan, three miles (4 km) from Perast. These incorporate Junior Suites dozing two, and condos that have a few rooms, a lounge, and a kitchenette, the biggest of which accompanies a walled nursery including a whirlpool tub, and rests eight. Anticipate wooden or stone floors, wooden-transmitted roofs, some uncovered stonework, a pot for making tea or espresso (gave), and smooth en-suite stone-tiled washrooms with downpour showers.

Foods and Drinks

On radiant mornings, you’ll feel near paradise eating (8 am-11 am) on the waterside patio – a smorgasbord is shown in the lounge area – crisp foods are grown from the ground, omelets, cakes, home-prepared bread with a determination of jams and nectar, tea and espresso. On the off chance that you have an early-morning flight, the staff will do a stuffed breakfast for you.

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From early afternoon onwards the eatery serves wonderfully gave customary neighborhood dishes an accentuation on Adriatic fish. Start with new clams, or the house forte, gnocchi loaded down with prawns in shrimp sauce (with discretionary ground truffle), trailed by the Conte Platter (octopus serving of mixed greens, dark cuttlefish risotto, flame-broiled squid, speared shrimps, and shellfish) joined by a jug of Vranac red wine and adjusted with the Perast Torta (almond tart). On crisp days, eat in the comfortable lounge area, with uncovered stonewalls and glimmering candles.